How to choose the best programming language for a software development project


What’s the fantastic technological know-how to use for my software program improvement project?”

As a customized software program improvement firm, this is one of the most frequent questions we’re asked. Choosing the quality programming language, library or science stack is crucial to profitable software program development, regardless of the hassle you’re attempting to solve.

In general, we suppose you can write the right software program in Java, C#, Python, PHP, or any different myriad languages. You can additionally write clearly horrific software programs the use of any of those. To us, the adherence to extensively standard diagram concepts and philosophies is greater vital than the precise language. As a tech-agnostic provider, we’ll discover the proper device for the job, in the tech stack that’s satisfactory for you.

Here are the seven quintessential elements we reflect onconsideration on when figuring out the most excellent programming language for every project:

1. Type of application

Web applications, cellular applications, embedded firmware, etc. – the kind of utility you’re growing closely influences what languages are on hand for us to select from. General programming languages like Java, JavaScript, Python and C# can construct specific kinds of functions on one of a kind platforms. There are additionally instanced the place particular languages work better. For example, constructing a native Android app requires information on Java, constructing a native iOS app requires a Swift or Objective-C talent set, whereas information of C or C++ is indispensable if you’re working with embedded firmware.

2. Complexity of the application

The measurement and complexity of a mission play a necessary position in identifying which stack or science we prefer to use, which in flip is an identifying element on what programming language to use. Small initiatives such as easy advertising and marketing sites, portfolio shows, and easy net utility types to gather facts can be completed with some CMS structures like WordPress or Umbraco, which requires an understanding of PHP or C#, respectively. Medium-sized tasks which include e-commerce sites, interior organization purposes, and IoT options generally have extraordinary layers, aspects and integrations the place a extra conventional programming language such as Java or C# should assist simplify talent set necessities to keep the products. We generally smash down complicated purposes into smaller elements the place every aspect serves a precise feature and makes use of a one-of-a-kind science stack and language to yield excellent results.

3. Company culture

Every enterprise has preferences related to open supply versus proprietary software programs and inner versus exterior technical support. One organization would possibly decide upon a programming language that’s convenient to learn, whilst some others may also want a language that is extra scalable. All programming languages have trade-offs, so our important focal point is appreciating your unique enterprise challenges and then choosing a language that aligns with your man or woman needs.

4. Time to market

It’s vital to assume about the ability set of your contemporary employees. Is it possible to introduce a new software or technological know-how to your team? Unless there’s a compelling cause to introduce new technology, we usually endorse leveraging present skillsets to carry new thoughts to lifestyles faster. Exploring new languages and technologies is higher saved for initiatives with longer timelines.

Another consideration that affects the time to market is the bodily surroundings you’re presently working in or what you may additionally aspire to be in. For example, if you already very own a Microsoft-based server environment, we might also select a Microsoft-based solution. If you’re searching to cross to a cloud/PaaS environment, we may also endorse a platform that can extra without problems be containerized. Because the software program language can dictate dimension and scalability selections in the lengthy run, we additionally think these issues into our decision.

5. Maintainability

Every technological know-how stack and language comes with an ecosystem of libraries and dealer helps for these libraries. We choose to seem at the style and replace launch cycles to make positive what we select is cutting-edge and continue to be contemporary for some time to come.

While we like to have interaction with our purchasers long-term, we recognize that at some factor we can also want to transition a codebase to any other team. If you format to rent an interior developer group to keep your technological know-how stack, preservation expenses will be impacted via the availability and information of improvement intelligence in your area. We take this into account when choosing a programming language to make certain the long-term sustainability of the codebase.

6. Scalability and performance

Scalability is extra about a science stack, which in flip determines the programming languages alternatively than the programming language itself. Some battle-tested and famous stacks that have verified to be succesful in such scalability consist of .NET, LAMP, Ruby on Rails (RoR), MEAN, and Java Spring.

7. Security

Every software has unique necessities in phrases of security. For example, healthcare-related functions may require HIPAA compliance, or economic functions would possibly require PCI compliance. We additionally take greater commonplace protection tips like the OWASP Top 10 into consideration when selecting the proper stack. Keeping an eye on the safety bulletin for your chosen stack will assist the software be greater robust.

It’s essential to word that in a post-monolithic software program world, science choices aren’t together distinctive inside a software ecosystem. We’re increasingly more imposing micro-service architectures so we can run man or woman offerings constructed on disparate programming languages and frameworks. In that way, we can make sure that every unique undertaking is being served by way of the fine viable platform. With our breadth of ride and understanding and by way of sticking to the hallmarks of appropriate code – Maintainability, Simplicity, YAGNI, DRY, SOLID, and Testability – we are in a position to constantly guide our customers to the finest technological know-how solution.


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