Google Pixel 5 full Review


It’s up and gives a senior tech towers get pretty real right this is my very first like really truly first look at pics of 5. Yeah, fed ex took their dear sweet time with this one I don’t know how they always manage to find the worst possible package to lose and lose that one but anyway one lost package and a lot of waiting later let’s get into it. So the story with this phone is that it’s a flagship but not a flagship so what do I mean by that well this is the highest and phone Google pixel 5 is putting out this year we saw the pixel for a we saw the 4 A. 5 G. and this is the Google pixel 5 and there will be no pixel 5 XL this is it this is the best phone offer but at the same time it has a snapdragon 765 G. instead of the highest available chips it’s got 8 gigs of ram and 100 28 gigs of not expandable storage it doesn’t have tons of bells and whistles and there’s a 90 hertz display again instead of 120 and so the result maybe the most interesting part about this is the price 699 so yeah okay in a world of all these phones flying north of 1000 $2000 the highest in pixel phone 700 Bucks so my question going into it is well I care or even notice that the flagship bells and whistles type stuff are missing from this phone because Google pixel 5 is going to put the best they can in this phone for the price because they don’t make a better 1 that they have to protect how good is it and do I care about the differences so this video is just my first look impressions of the trade offs that they’ve made actually I’m not gonna call the trade offs I’m a call them cuts they’re intentional cuts last version hi and was 900 Bucks this 1 is 700 Bucks they made cuts so getting my hands on it for the first time it’s already a little different than most of the other phones coming out and that number 1 thing is this body is made entirely of recycled aluminum so the unibody metal and then it has this soft touch feel to it in this sage green color you can see here and so that to me feels like this sort of coding over the top of the medal so technically the  touch or anything it feels like hard plastic which isn’t a bad thing and there’s even a tiny little bit of texture. You can feel it on the back if you rub your finger across it but it’s subtle there are a couple more interesting things about this metal build one is that still has wireless charging and reverse wireless charging now as you may know wireless charging works through the glass and threw plastic but not through metal so it seems like there’s gotta be some sort of a cut out back here on the back of the phone to allow that to happen. And then number 2 there is water resistance on this phone so this 1 will survive a little rain or splash and then number 3 there’s also no more squeeze sensitivity on the metal body so that squeeze for assistant feature from the previous 2 years a pixel is cut you know what else is cut soleil that of the radars in those sensors that were up in the front of pixel for and for excel are gone so the the face unlock and the gestures that you would had aren’t here anymore right that’s that’s a good cut I feel like we got some things back from that now they did toss back a fingerprint reader on the  hardware out of the top has also left us within uniform bezels all the way around the phone which look way better this is honestly I’ll say it’s the best looking front of a pixel phone in years which maybe that’s not saying much coming from the line that gave us a symmetrical bezels and the bathtub notch but 6 of 5 is a good looking clean front of the phone for 2020 only carry out here is you’ll notice if you look very closely there is no normal your piece speaker at the top of pixel 5 we’ve seen this before the pixel 5 looks to be doing that vibrating speaker underneath the glass thing so my first impression of hearing and feeling it because you can sort of feel it vibrate the top of the phone is it isn’t as strong of a stereo image with that bottom speaker if you really like listening to music very loudly but it’s not the worst thing in the world and it works just fine especially as an ear piece and last but not least getting rid of that soul a sensor array also made room for more battery inside the phone so pixel 5 despite being smaller than the pixel for excel has a much bigger 80004000 power battery up from 30 700 now again this is this is my first impression is my first 2 days with the phone battery like that. have been for a few years we have again here the same 12 megapixel sensor from the last few years of the pixel and joined this time by an older white so the double back on the whole culture wives are fun but tell photos are more useful stance so we finally get a pixel culture right now and I’m looking forward to seeing what pixel 5 cameras could do both on the regular camera because they stuck with this winning formula for so long that the rest of the smartphone world kind of starting to catch up so those looking to see what they have anything changed to stay ahead and then the altar why because I was waiting for so long to see what Google could do with an ultra wide in night site other image processing on an ultra wide because frankly I thought they do it best so definitely some really good photos come out of this phone so far but stay tuned especially on Twitter and for the full review for those for example as I take them and really the biggest changes that they’ve actually promised from this camera were for video and so far mostly noticing just stabilization so moving like a lot of it and this of course will get more testing but for as long as photos have been a high point for pixel cameras video has been in the Taurus at lower points so my attention is definitely peaked here but yeah this is this is the daily now my sim card is in it I can test it and we’ll see if I can be totally fine living daily with a 765 G. phone without all the bells and whistles of the flagships with in screen fingerprint readers and 120 hertz and also as I got this phone in the mail from fed ex finally ask you guys what you want to know on Twitter and that’s mentioning once so what’s the feel in the hand and doesn’t feel like aluminum or not how’s the size I keep saying this is that this is a small phone it’s smaller even than the smaller iPhone 11 so it’s not many or anything but it’s a small phone and yeah like I said it doesn’t feel like aluminum it’s not cold to the touch anything it you you feel the plastic how does it. Fed ex-man. FedEx express if Cameron doesn’t exist in any phone that pixel can be seen as a better competitor. I think. Okay I think what they’re asking is basically if if you took away the cameras like with the rest of the pixel be competitive with the rest of phones which that’s an interesting question actually think that’s part of why Google pixel 5 is leaving that $0 flagship space might be tried for the last 2 years that $900000 phone thing didn’t really compete very well didn’t sell very well I think this is their admission that they can’t compete up there and that they need to try. 6 $700 phone and do well there now I still wish I think I’m gonna still wish this by the end of my review but I still wish that they made a BC year flagship version with 120 hertz and the biggest baddest chip in the most ram and some extra features tossed in there but we’ll see how and how fast is the phone with the pictures and the assistant without pixel neural course that’s another thing that they took out of the previous pixel there is no  regular photo. This is actually not so bad but if you’re taking a night sight or something that requires more stitching there can be a little more processing which again might not feel as premium but that’s what you get by cutting the neural court but anyway there you have it we’ll get right into the full review process and I’m sure that will be coming up pretty soon along with all the other stuff coming out to this tech Tober and it doesn’t stop but out let me know what you think is this the type of pixel you wanted to see would you have preferred to see that bleeding edge giant pixel happened to I mean on the comments below either way thanks for watching catch you guys very soon in the next one. Based.


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